Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WOW, harder than I thought

Allowing the world to view my daily purchases is a lot harder than I thought. And quite embaressing. I know I am a spender, and not that ashamed of it. However, when it is open to the public, each purchase seems that much more important. I never realized what a private matter shopping and spending can be. Of course the cashier can see what you buy, and anyone that is with you at the time. But, to take the world on every shopping trip seems to make a big difference.

Would we all shop different if we had to advertise it each time. Would you change your shopping habits if you had to email everyone you know, every time you spent a penny?

To see my public list of everything I buy away from Etsy  Off Etsy spending
To see my public list of everything I buy on Etsy On Etsy Spending


  1. I think there are a whole lot of habits we would approach differently if they were public, thank you for helping us think about our own spending whilst reflecting on yours!

  2. You've got that right. I am a pretty open person. However, i think there is a lot I quietly get away with on my own. Chocolate being one of them.