Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grocery Shopping Budget! On the Etsy List: Taco Seasoning

While my husband is studiously studying, I will go grocery shopping. I am rather picky so this usually includes 3 stores to get what I want. Cosco, because we are a large family that includes 3 kids on a budget. Whole Foods, because I believe we vote with our money. Also the traditional grocery store, because it's cheaper and I can get organic foods there as well.   Now adding this project, it will at times include a fourth store, Etsy.

Our family has a goal this year of erasing about $20,000 dollars worth of credit card debt. This requires a very tight budget. Therefore we very rarely eat out. I also meticulously plan my meals out a week in advance. I then list the things I need to buy according to the store I should get them. This may sound crazy, but it is a must because of my hectic lifestyle. I homeschool my kids, act like little miss suzy homemaker while the hubby is in school, own my own business (, and am learning Spanish. If I do not keep the grocery shopping organized to a T, I end up going out to eat quite often, and I LOVE to go out to eat. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve in order to keep this eating-in goal achieved, but keeping things organized and always having food in the house would be the main one.

So, now that my shopping list is done, I had to do a little research. What can I buy off Etsy from my grocery list? After a long search, I found I can order my Taco seasoning from Etsy! There was not a huge selection in my search. Most of the sellers were also selling very small quantities. As I mentioned before, I like to shop at Costco due to having a large family. We also like to make Taco soup about 2 or 4 times a month. Therefore, I tend to go through quite a bit of taco seasoning. I chose to buy my seasoning from  LipSmackinCreations which included free shipping, and what she described as 5 servings. Most stores sell a single serving for a little over a buck. So, the price appears to be VERY similar. I feel so good about my purchase. I can't wait to taste this seasoning in my soup and tell you'll how it is!

One thing I have learned from these recent purchases: When buying food, make sure that you click on the "plants and edibles" category. Otherwise all the listings that include that food name in its description will show up.This could take years to weed though.

Next purchase, Salt and Pepper shaker!


  1. There could be lots of disappointed searchers for coffee then, as it's the colour of meerkats!

  2. Thanks for the tip on how to search for foods.