Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One thing that makes Etsy so daunting and overwhelming are the unbelievable, creative, well priced items that can be found. This is making my next Etsy purchase extremely difficult.

If any of you did not know, I dye all my own clothes for my etsy store Enuwbe. Therefore I keep salt in my house by the 25 pound bags. When I cook, I take a pinch from one of my open bags. I have decided to take the plunge and get a real salt an pepper shaker.

The choices were all top notch. Some were hand thrown like these from PatsPottery

Or hand painted with many fun colors and happy feelings such as, ARToutOFherMIND

And mimiware

However, I ended up going for a more simple set that made a HUGE statement. Our family loves the outdoors. We love to bike, hike, mountaineer and everything else. So the salt and pepper shaker that seemed to fit our family best was made by AceroStudios from New Bedford, MA.

It is rather interesting how personal this became. If I had gone to a traditional store, I may have had a couple of choices. Most would probably be neutral and all purpose. Something that thousands of people would not mind spending a few bucks on. These will be more than just salt and pepper shakers I bring out to spruce up a dish. Or put on the table for some salt loving company. These will be a conversation starter. They will also outlast some cheap shakers I could buy else where, because I will love them and take care of them.

As you see with my few examples there is a special salt and pepper shaker out there for everyone. One that fits you perfect and makes you want to be at home in the kitchen using them.

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