Thursday, January 21, 2010


So, after all that meal planning this weekend my 7 year old has decided to become a vegan. She has been a "kind of vegetarian" for quite some time. Our whole family is actually. It's hard to say we are vegetarians, because we do eat meat. However, we only eat meat that is raised on a family farm, or is certified humanely raised and organic. My daughter however, upon meeting Brendan Brazier a famous vegan triathlete this week has decided it is time she takes it all the way. For anyone that may not be up on the lingo here's a basic scoop. Someone that calls themselves vegetarian will often eat eggs, dairy, and possibly even fish. However a vegan does none of these. A vegan by the Webster' dictionary is: a strict vegetarian who consumes no animal food or dairy products. Therefore most vegans do not even eat honey.
 Simply not eating meat saves the planet an incredible amount of energy, farm land, waist and reduces the amount of animal mistreatment by an amazing amount. (This is assuming you are still buying standard eggs and dairy products.) Anyways I love to give you'll the details and low down dirty facts. But I will save that unless you really want it.

So anyways now that she is a vegan it changes some of our meal plans. It is amazing how much food has some form of dairy or eggs. We had pizza planned on our menu tonight. I love pizza, it's so easy and fun. Pizza crust is vegan by nature. However, the cheese on top is a whole other story. So, I had to go get some vegan cheese. This is basically a non dairy product that is processed in a way to create a product that for the most part taste and acts like cheese. Unless you are a true cheese ball of course. On top of that I got her some children's calcium tablets, lentils, and quinoa. All of which are extremely healthy and should be a part of everyone diet. The lentils and quinoa are easy and quick to cook, and will be a great fill in when the rest of us are not participating in a truly vegan meal. Most likely because I refuse to cook everyone a different meal, we will all have to become vegans.

For the most part being a vegan is an utterly healthy way of life. When you are limited to fruits and veggies it is amazing how nutrient dense your plate becomes. Believe it or not many vegitables have enough calcium to keep a young girls bones strong all her life. However, I am rather picky and paranoid, so I'm adding a little extra. The other concern and far more viable is the vitamin B intake. This is near impossible for vegetarians and vegan alike. So, she will also be taking a children's multi. Other than that, I have no doubts she will be eating better than the rest of us. :)

So, why did I start blabbing about all this? Oh yes, another receipt to admit to:
Traditional grocery store: $59.19

Of course this may mean I am going to the grocery store a little more often. One down side to being a vegan, fruits and veggies don't come with preservatives. LOL.

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